7mm Pyrodur 104 EW 30  Internal 
10mm Pyrodur 60-10 EW60  Internal 
11mm Pyrodur 30-203 EW30  External 
13mm Pyrodur 60-20 EW60  External 
15mm Pyrostop 30-10 EI30  Internal 
18mm Pyrostop 30-20 EI30  External 
23mm Pyrostop 60-101 EI60  Internal 
27mm Pyrostop 60-201 EI60  External 

We are closed as of 24/3/2020 and will reopen when we are advised it is safe to do so. We aim to respond to emergency call outs and are still happy to quote any projects you have coming up,  please email- admin@gilhamandgilham.co.uk. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to returning to work.